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ZEROMULTIPLE established in 2017, by the founder of Suiinaturals, is a multi label platform which works with brands all over the world that follows a zero chemical formulation approach.

ZERO means Zero chemicals.MULTIPLE means multi labels.

ZEROMULTIPLE offers a growing portfolio of top notch botanical skincare, makeup and personal care.


The Zero Chemical Definition

We use only ingredients that has a natural origin. Many natural brands uses “natural botanical” extracts which of course is natural in origin but sometimes the rest of the formulation is not. SO, it is important to read the full ingredient labels on the products if you are conscious and would like to reduce the toxic burden that comes with man-made chemical based products.

Beyond Organics. Beyond Clean. We are Zero.

Zero Chemical Living

Is possible.
zeromultiple's portfolio of brands and products strictly uses ingredients that has a natural origin.

Science Based Approach

Many of the brand owners on this platform have a science background. We look at in country regulations and clinical evidence on ingredient efficacy and benefits. We understand science and please feel free to ask us any questions on social media, email, or join our talks to learn more.

Full Ingredients Disclosure

We use the products we offer through the platform on ourselves everyday.
We won't cheat ourselves.
What you see on our product labels is what is in the product.