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friends don't let friends use toxic products

" Friends don't let friends use toxic products."

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…5 years ago, we discovered to our dismay that many cosmetics contain man-made chemicals and ingredients of petrochemical origin have permeated virtually every makeup, skincare and personal care brands on retail and pharmacy shelves.We said this can’t be. We decided to take product formulation into our own hands and created clean beauty products based on a zero chemical formulation approach. It has been an incredible hard journey and hard fight to make our voices heard. We need your help to convey the message that your health should not be compromised by the products you apply to your skin.

Throughout our journey, we made some incredible friends from customers and we hope to able to help more fellow sisters and friends clean up their personal care products and migrate to a cleaner and healthier alternative.

Thank  you for your interest in being part of this clean living community. We hope you find your clean living journey as fruitful and meaningful as possible as many of the brand owners on zeromultiple had discovered.

We are pleased to offer all affiliate partners a cash incentive of 6% pegged to all referred sales. Upon registration, you will be able to get your own unique referral link that is exclusive to you. 

We do not impose sales and referral targets on any of our affliates. You choose how you want to walk. You can promote one single product ( do let us know!) or the entire portfolio. Promotion and messaging must be conveyed by proper science and ethical marketing.

We wish to help more fellow sisters and friends embark on a healthier living trajectory and show them it is possible to live zero chemical. Thank you so much for believing in this vision and to better health!





Please bear with us as we work out backend operations to support this movement. We hope this is an exciting next phase for zeromultiple and a global community of zero chemical living.

Stay tuned for its launch!❤️

This is for you if ...

  • You are an individual who wish for others to live a healthier cleaner lifestyle
  • You are a green beauty blogger or key opinion leader who can convey zeromultiple’s zero chemical living lifestyle via scientific facts and accurate information. 
  • You are a business owner whose portfolio is complimentary to zeromuliple’s audience.
  • You are an aspiring clean beauty brand owner or aspring entrepreneur who wants to get a feel of how to market, sell, run a business before taking the plunge.

This is not for you if...

  • you want to make a quick buck to supplement your existing income. 
  • you want immediate sales results and income because you posted something on your social media
  • you think clean beauty is the flavor of the moment and it makes sense to get into this business
  • you need a steady monthly income for your daily living expenses and this answers.
  • This is not for you.

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Help Friends and Family embark on a zero chemical lifestyle. To Health.

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