QING DETOX Detoxifying Deodorant


A deodorant that Detox.

Bentonite Clay absorbs toxins and heavy Metals.  Combined with Thanaka Powder for its antifungal, bacterial function.

Powered by essential oils of  Lavender and Citronella.

Available in 3 scents


Lavender & Citronella ( Citronella repels mosquitoes) Can be applied to back of knees or elbows.

Rosewood (NEW!)


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Additional information

Weight 20 g

Lavender, Lavender & Citronella, Rosewood


A 2 in 1 product which keeps you fresh smelling and detoxifying by absorbing toxins, heavy metals eliminated via your lymphatic system.


Bentonite Clay, Thanaka Powder, Shea Butter, Arrowroot Powder,Coconut oil ( Deodorised), Beeswax

Use Directions

Apply to dry underarms.

Detox deo with citronella can be applied to back of knees or areas of body to help ward off mosquitoes.


6 months after purchase.

Check expiry label on item.


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