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Thanaka has great skin benefits which includes reduce acne outbreaks, promoting smooth skin.

Our Thanaka powder is free from heavy metals and other pollutants. Use it as a weekly or biweekly masking routine to see skin improvement! If you are struggling with acne/maskne, it really helps to manage your spots.

Use Directions

Simply add some water to the thanaka powder to form a thin paste. Apply to face or area affected with acne. Let it dry. After an hour or so (it is up to you, the myanmese wear it the whole day) , wash it off with facial wash.

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Terms and conditions:

Each customer is entitled to 1 free sachet of thanaka (3g) with each order. If you have also ordered the anti acne sample kit which also includes 1 sachet of Thanaka, your order will have 1 sachet of Thanaka powder.

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