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Soap Singles


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Replace your conventional shampoos and facial wash with these natural handcrafted soap bars!

Both Shampoo bars and Facial bars are suitable for body as well.

Create lather with a foam net with any of these soaps and use the lather to cleanse. Use the foam to wash. Application of soap bar directly on skin is discouraged.

For Shampoo Bars, for long hair length, it is recommended to use the lather to wash your scalp first followed by the rest of your hair.  Shampoo bars offers a comb through with a wide tooth comb without conditioner. Shampoo bars adds volume and structure to hair. If hair becomes too stiff, rinse with lemon water  ( after washing with bar soap). Rinse well.

Enjoy and unwind with this natural soaps with essential oils.



Soap Type

Facial Soap Green Clay, Facial Soap Lavender Lemon, Top to Toe Soap Pink Clay, Top to Toe Soap(Antiseptic) Lavender Lemon, Shampoo Bar Lemongrass, Anti Hairfall Shampoo Bar Rosemary Lavender, Soap Net


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