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Anti-microbial head to toe soap with Lemon Lavender essential oils.

An excellent travel soap  or on the go soap for hair, face and body. Soap contains Lavender and Lemon Essential oils which have microbial properties.

Set Price is for 2 bars of soap ( 75 gram ea. ) and 1 piece of soap net.

Set comes with a soap net, to create more lather for more efficient wash. Place 1 piece of soap into wash net, wet it with water and rub to create lather. Use the lather to wash. Just hang the soap bar with the net somewhere to dry after use. Do not soak soap bar in wet conditions.

For ladies with off shoulder to long hair, massage the lather onto scalp first, followed by rest of hair. ( 2 steps). Rinse.

Conditioner is not necessary for most folks. Combs thru without tangling with a wide tooth comb.

Use the foam/lather for hair, face and body.

For more than 2 pieces, please use our pre order page to order in advance.

What to expect

Most folks report an increase in hair volume, hair may be stiffer but still soft. If you have limp/thin hair, your hair will look fuller.

If you feel  your hair is  too stiff hair for your liking, you can do a mild acidic rinse after your hair wash. Dilute a bit of lemon, lime or apple vinegar in water and just wash over hair and rinse off. You can do this after a few days of using the soaps.

This is a fantastic product for travel and for  folks interested to reduce plastics!

Made with skin nourishing coconut, olive, castor, and sweet almond oil and Lavender and Lemon Essential Oils

Net weight of each bar. At Least 75 gram


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Saponified oils of coconut, palm, olive and castor, lemongrass essential oil, patchouli essential oil, rose pink clay

Use directions

Wet soap in soap net. Create lather by rubbing the soap with water. Use the lather/foam to wash your hair, face and body.

For ladies with off shoulder to long hair, it is recommended to wash your scalp first, then the rest of your hair. ( 2 steps).



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