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A powerful lip and cheek palette

Create up to 6 lipstick shades and 2 blush shades with this nifty palette.

Contains Korean Orange, Mauve Pink and Dark Red lipshades.

For cheek, pick up a tiny amt of color with the brush and draw a cross at position on cheek. Pat it out for desired blush effect.



contains tropics balm, mauve pink and dark red shade. Mauve pink can be applied to the cheek as blush.

interblend with the tropics balm to create tints!

Both Palettes comes with a travel lipbrush.


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Palette Selection

The Mixie, Classic Trio


A lip and cheek Palette for gals on the go.

Contains Mauve Pink, Korean Orange, Dark Red Lipstick.

Mauve Pink and Korean Orange can be applied to cheeks for blush.


Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil ( Deodorised), Argan Oil, Titanium Dioxide, Mica , Iron Oxides.

Use Directions

Apply with Lips Brush or Use your fingers ( if you lose your brush. it happens we know.)

Start with lighter shades first and blend with other colors to your liking.



Typically around 6 months.


suiinaturals is a singapore based natural color cosmetics line that is dedicated to zero chemical nasties in their formulation. They are the winner of 2016 Best Natural Makeup by Beauty Insider. Learn more about suiinaturals.


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