SUIINATURALS Moisturizing Lipsticks

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By Local brand suiinaturals,

all lipsticks are based on an argan oil lipbalm formula. Moisturing and healing for dry chapped lips.

There is no need to apply additional lipbalm before wearing our lipstick as it is already based on a lipbalm formula.

Note: All artisan lipsticks including the couture and allure shades are based on the tropics balm formula. Tropics balm is designed for southeasia asia humid weather. Formulation is balanced for comfortable wear for the tropics.

Note: Due to different grades of pigments used, couture and allure, limited edition series retails at SGD 20.80.


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From Left to Right

Subzero Rose tint,Couture Pink,Couture Red,Mauve Pink, Rose Red,Peach Coral, Berry Red,Csy Pink,Korean Orange, Allure Pink, Allure Red


Additional information

Weight 20 g

couture red, couture pink, Rose Red, Mauve Pink, Peach Coral, Berry Red, Csy Pink, Korean Orange, Allure Pink, Allure Red


made with beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil ( deodorised), argan oil.

colors come only from mineral pigments such as titanium dioxide, iron oxides and mica.

Our lipsticks do not contain aluminium based colorants such as carmine and Lakes colorants.

Use Directions

for new lipsticks, warm the lipstick against your lips before gliding it.

2 reviews for SUIINATURALS Moisturizing Lipsticks

  1. Gwen Chen

    Love these argan lipsticks! Moisturizing, safe and shades are so lovely. Getting my 2nd one! Love them! =)

  2. Joey Ow (verified owner)

    Had been using these awesome chemical free lipsticks since 2015. Love its vibrant colors and how it keeps my lip soft and moisturizing .


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