The Zero Chem Face AM/PM skincare set


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Your complete zero chem face skincare set to cover your AM and PM routine!

Set includes

Lavender Lemon Facial Wash Bar ( Soap net included) Made the cold process way with nourishing rice brand and olive oil scented with lavender lemon essential  oils.

Organic Anti Acne mist. Your Daily toner to prevent maskne. Containing mangosteen extract to kill C. Acne bacteria in the pores. This is a must have for pimples prevention routine. Mist directly on face after cleansing. Or mist onto palm and pat all over face. This toner is formulated at ph 5.5 which your skin’s natural pH. Suitable for normal, sensitive, acne prone skin.

Hwado 2 in 1 moisturiser suncream SPF 18++ ( Apply just one cream to get out during AM, or  provides as a makeup base). Made with peanut sprout extract with SPF properties, curcumin extract helps to restore under weather skin and helps heal skin issues. Suitable for normal, sensitive and or acne prone skin. SPF 18 blocks 95% of sun’s rays. This is ample for daily use. Just apply one cream and ping out of the door!

Moringa Beta Glucan ( water cream ) an ultra light weight water cream to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. If smooth skin is your goal. Use it AM( before Hwado suncream if you need additional hydration) or PM when you netflix in an air con room.

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