The Zero Chem Face VEGAN skincare set


We are incredibly proud to present a 100% VEGAN skincare set for better glowing skin!

Set includes:

Lavender Lemon Facial Wash Bar  ( Comes with FREE soap net)

Anti Acne Mist ( USDA Organic ) formulated for normal, sensitive or acne prone skin. A must have to prevent maskne

Tamanu Hemisqualane. An oil serum formulated with Tamanu oil to help rejuvenate fatigued skin , reduce pigmentation, improve skin health. Pat one or 2 drops onto face AM/PM before suncream/night cream.

Moringa Beta Glucan. An water cream formulated with skin rejuvenating moringa oil, and beta glucan and sea kelp extract to prevent fine lines and reduce the depth of wrinkles.

A MUST HAVE VEGAN SKINCARE routine set to improve your skin health.

Get that glow!

Special Promo Price ends 31 December 2022.




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