Our Origin

ZEROMULTIPLE was started by the founder of suiinaturals, a zero chemical line of colour cosmetics based in Singapore. As a consumer, she is perplexed that many controversial ingredients, petrochemicals, endocrine disruptors and harmful perservatives are still used in a "natural" product.
Not many are aware that the word "natural","organic", "clean", does not have any legal meaning and healthcare authorities do not regulate the use of these words on packaging and marketing materials

The zero chemical formulation approach

"Natural", "Organic" words can be easily printed on any bottles so it is important to read your ingredient labels and choose a few brands that are honest and offers full disclosure. We know that this is difficult to do. So here is one point! where you can be assured that all products offered on the zeromultiple platform has a zero chemical formulation basis.

The Zero List

ZERO means zero chemical nasties and we mean it. Please take a moment to read our zero list.


MULTIPLE means multi-tasking functions in 1 product. We like to streamline multiple functions in one product so we can have time for other things.
MULTIPLE also means multilabels. We hope more zero brands can join us and build a strong voice. We value your camaraderie and brand synergy if you also subscribe to our zero philosophy. Please do contact us to see how we can maximise a partnership.


Beyond Organics, Beyond Green, Beyond Clean. We are Zero.